Arashi Projects was created for the main reason to have some form of documentation on the projects I’ve built, and be able to easily lookup how certain things were achieved, so it can be quickly implemented in new projects. Since most information used in these projects was found in communities and open source platforms, I decided to share my projects as a way to give back to the community.

As my interest in technology stretches over many fields (microcontrollers, PLCs, electronics, PCs (desktop and single board), RC models,IT, audio & video, gardening, pets …) with mainly automation in mind (except for the pets part), the information found on this site will not be strictly to 1 subject. With limited time to properly write descent manuals, much of the information will be notes at first, and may remain nothing more than that.

All content on this site is free to use, but it would be appreciated if you referred to its source.