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Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles
Autonomous vehicles

This project is about making a car drive completely by itself, adjusting speed (and brakes), and driving through curves without hitting any objects.

Autonomous vehicles, HC-SR04 sensors

Step 1: Detecting objects with HC-SR04
Step 2: Multiple HC-SR04 with Arduino using interrupts
Step 2b: Multiple HC-SR04 with Arduino using only 1 interrupt pin
Step 3: Choosing the right vehicle
Step 4: Automatic steer correction with HC-SR04
Step 5a: Vehicle accessories – SSD1306 status display
Step 5b: Vehicle accessories – Rotary encoder illuminated button
Step 6: Autonomous vehicles, putting it all together
Alternative 1: Steer correction with HC-SR04: Single sensor, stop and scan
Alternative 2: Steer correction with HC-SR04: Servo controlled car

Autonomous vehicles – Line sensors


Autonomous vehicles – Camera

– Raspberri Pi with camera
– nVidia Jetson Nano …


Quickies are not really projects, but rather quick tutorials (hence the name quickies) to quickly teach you how to use a certain method, or simply explain a concept.

HC-SR04 sensors

Other projects

Smaller or more simple projects that don’t take a lot of research or effort, can be found here.

  • Racing wheel for RC car
    Drive your RC car with a gaming steering wheel and pedals
  • Weather Station with logging: halted
    Issues with long term stability on WiFi
    T° en RH measurements from many nodes sending data to collective website with analytics page.
  • Solar tracker: in development (concept approved)